Pezzimenti Tunnelbore specialises in microtunnelling – the drilling of highly accurate, laser-guided bores ranging in diameter from 325mm to 3000mm in ground ranging from sandy clay to basalt in lengths up to and beyond 300m. Microtunnelling has become an integral part of installing gravity flow sewers and stormwater in urban areas.

Innovation In-House

Pezzimenti Tunnelbore Innovation in-House

All equipment used by Pezzimenti Tunnelbore is designed and manufactured in the Melbourne Workshop, giving the flexibility to design machinery to achieve project-specific solutions.

Unsurpassed Experience

Pezzimenti Tunnelbore Unsurpassed Experience

Since inventing vacuum spoil extraction in 1986, the Pezzimenti Microtunnelling System has completed more than three times the number of bores of any other alternative in Australia.

Environmentally Safe

Pezzimenti Tunnelbore Microtunnelling Environmentally Friendly

Unlike other pipe installation techniques, our system leaves the surface undisturbed. Critical surface areas including areas of Aboriginal significance and natural water courses all remain untouched, ensuring the protection and preservation of their value.

Microtunnelling Ground Left


Detatchable cutters and a modular system means Pezzimenti can operate in very soft to very hard rock

Microtunnelling Length


Single drives up to 260m and lengths up to 440m, using intercept bore method.

Microtunnelling Diameter


The system that can microtunnel diameters ranging from 300mm up to 3000mm.

Microtunnelling Pipes


Any pipe that is available in the Australian market can be installed with this system.

Microtunnelling Accuracy


The laser guided system achieves as standard: +/-10mm at distances up to 150m and +/-40mm at 200m.

Microtunnelling Equipment


The modular system means we can achieve setup in very tight or expansive sites.

Feature Project – Wyee

Pezzimenti Microtunnelling Feature Project Wyee

Pezzimenti completed two simultaneous Rail Crossings at Wyee on the NSW Central Coast during one 48 hour weekend shutdown. Retractable heads were used on both bores.

Recent Projects


Paddy’s River

Penrith Open Faced Shield Microtunnelling


Marsden Park Retractable Head Feature

Marsden Park

Gundagai Culvert Replacement Pezzimenti Feature


Microtunnelling Paddington Feature


Wyee Microtunnelling Pezzimenti Feature


Pezzimenti Marsden Park Feature Image

Marsden Park

Pezzimenti Tunnelbore Gladstone Feature


Mount Ousley Pezzimenti Microtunnelling

Mount Ousley

News and Articles

100000m Article Feature

100,000m Microtunnelled

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In August 2020,  Pezzimenti passed the 100,000 metres microtounnelled by the NSW crews – 26 years on. Which bore passed the magical mark is uncertain: A 78m diameter bore at...
Jim Shooter Retires Feature

Jim Shooter Retires

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Jim Shooter, NSW Manager, retires after 25 years. Jim Shooter, NSW Manager, has retired after 25 years with Pezzimenti. He leaves having seen 1398 bores completed and over 96,000 metres...
Plan D Feature Image

Plan D – Intercept Push

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Not all bores go to plan... so it is always good to have a plan B, C, and D for recoveries. Pezzimenti were engaged to complete a 186m long pipejack...
Ritchie Brothers Feature

Ritchie Brothers

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Who said Microtunnelling is boring. Pezzimenti was engaged to install a 120m long, 430mm dia bore in clay and latite below a turnoff from the Princess Highway on Shell Harbour...


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Pezzimenti Tunnelbore works with our developers, contractors and designers to create quality microtunneling solutions whatever the project requirements.