History: Pezzimenti, 60+ years in the Tunnelling Industry

The Pezzimenti name has been synonymous with tunnelling since 1955, when Giuseppe Pezzimenti secured his first job. In those days it was literally pick and shovel type work. In 1986 Aurelio Pezzimenti (still head of engineering today) invented the first prototype of a vacuum extraction microtunnelling system in his father’s garage.

In 1986, Aurelio and his brother Gilbert started Pezzimenti Laserbore™, which pioneered the Trenchless Technology industry, literally changing the way pipes would be installed in Australia forever.

Given the unparalleled expertise and experience acquired over 60 years of operating within the tunnelling industry, Pezzimenti Tunnelbore is one of the most recognised and highly regarded providers of microtunnelling services in the country.

Pezzimenti – Timeline

  • 1951 – Aurelio’s father, Giuseppe Pezzimenti, arrives in Australia
  • 1957 – G Pezzimenti and Sons is founded and undertakes major first time sewerage reticulation and tunnelling projects around Melbourne.
  • 1985 – Aurelio Pezzimenti begins developing Australia’s first laser guided microtunnelling system.
  •  1986 – Pezzimenti Laserbore™ is founded as a manufacturing company and  Australia’s first laser guided microtunnelling system is commissioned and trialled in major sewerage projects around Melbourne
  •  1987 – Worldwide interest in Trenchless technologies is consolidated at the first No Dig Conference in London
  •  1988 – Aurelio presents a Technical Paper at the ISTT No Dig conference in Washington
  • 1990 – Establishment of the Sydney Office
  • 1992 – Aurelio and Jim (then at Sydney Water Board) speaks at First ASTT conference. Aurelio gives a live demonstration of the microtunnelling system.
  • 1996 –  Completion of South Eastern Freeway project – Ø1400mm, 187m in sandy clay
  • 1996 – Completion of first bore over 300m Lawson Blue Mountains
  • 1999 – Over 10,000m bored by Sydney Crews.
  • 2004 – Over 25,000m bored by Sydney Crews.
  • 2011 – Ø1800 and Ø2800mm microtunnelling heads are manufactured and commissioned for Melbourne’s Desalination Project .
  • 2012 – Over 60,000m bored by Sydney Crew over 18 years.
  • 2012 – Longest single drive of 262m is completed at Appin for the Priority Sewerage Program, an alliance with SWC.
  • 2013 – Aurelio Pezzimenti, Managing Director, awarded person of the year by ASTT
  • 2016 – 440m Intercept Bore completed at Emerald Hills.
  • 2017 – Jim Shooter, NSW Manager, awarded person of the year by ASTT
  • 2018 – Purpose built factory built and opened in Mackellar St, Emu Plains
  • 2018 – Establishment of Brisbane Office