Pezzimenti Tunnelbore specialises in microtunnelling – the drilling of highly accurate, laser-guided bores ranging in diameter from 325mm to 3000mm in ground ranging from sandy clay to basalt in lengths up to and beyond 300m.

Pezzimenti Tunnelbore – Foundations

Born out of the Water Industry and the installation of new sewers and storm water lines, Pezzimenti Tunnelbore today works in all infrastructure construction sectors in NSW, ACT, Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia.

Pezzimenti Tunnelbore traces its construction roots back 55 years when Aurelio’s father, Giuseppe, founded G. Pezzimenti and Sons in 1957 and focused on first time sewer installation in Melbourne for over 30 years.

Made in Oz with a touch of Italy – The Original

When Aurelio Pezzimenti designed, built and commissioned  the very first microtunnelling system in Australia in his father’s garage in Melbourne 1986, Pezzimenti Laserbore™ was established to develop this emerging technology.

Since that time the capability to microtunnel in a greater range of ground conditions, in increasingly large diameters and for greater distances has steadily grown as dictated by the market place.

Imitation is the ultimate compliment and many companies around Australia have imitated Aurelio’s concept of vacuum extraction microtunnelling.

Pezzimenti Tunnelbore Today

  • Aurelio Pezzimenti is designing and building the next generation microtunnelling systems
  • The third generation in Joseph Pezzimenti (BCom/LLB), Aurelio’s son, is an integral part of the leadership team as Chief Executive Officer.
  • In 2012 Pezzimenti Tunnelbore will pass the milestone of microtunnelling over 60,000m in NSW, ACT and Queensland.