Sewering of a new release area required the microtunnelling of Ø750mm Concrete Butt Jointed Jacking pipes. The drive lengths were 82 and 100m. The standard vacuum extraction system was used  very wet, high plasticity clay. After the pipes were jacked, Ø600 Sewermax pipes were inserted and the annulus grouted. the head contract was by Mystold who excavated the shafts and built the manholes.

Spring Farm Microtunneling Pezzimenti Method Pipejack in Non Self-Supported Ground


Spring Farm Microtunneling Pezimenti Site Layout

The top section around the shaft was benched to reduce the shoring section to 6m deep.

Spring Farm Microtunneling Pezzimenti Craning Jacking Pipes

Craneage was supplied by Mystold’s excavator


Launching the 750m diameter microtunnelling head

Spring Farm Pezzimenti Pipejacking Sliplined Carrier

The completed product a 600 PP pipe inside a 750 butt jointed RC jacking pipe.